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I   have a dream. To travel the world.

My Heart on Travel is more like a travel diary for me! Here I pen down my trip planning, important resources, and information that constitute planning a trip to a destination and my experiences. If you like exploring, traveling, taking photos, enjoy a relaxing vacation, or want to feel inspired, then this is the place. I want people to travel, by inspiring them to step out of their comfort zone and experience what the world out there is waiting to offer us.

For me, traveling is not just about visiting someplace with your friends. Every place I travel to, I try to learn something new, and experience something unique. It’s more about the journey, the people we meet, the time you spend with others at a place, making memories, breathing in the vibe of the place, drowning in its beauty, learning about the value of history, chasing your dreams and wishes, and living through the experiences – all of these which mold you into the person you are now!

Current Location - London , United Kingdom

How did I end up starting this blog?

As a nature lover, photographer, and someone who likes to explore places can it be that I would not love to travel? Of course not right? Like everyone else, I too like to travel to scenic, exotic places, capture good photos, get some tranquil peace away from work, make memories, and enjoy life. But I do not get to travel very often. I am from India – the Incredible country of diversity! I started traveling extensively starting last year when I got posted to London for my job. Not that I haven’t hit the road before. But I did not travel to countries back then.

I took to making this blogsite not because I travel a lot, but due to completely other reasons. Around 8 years ago I had tried my hands at blogging to keep track of the places I would love to visit and its details for reference. If I recall it was a vague attempt and I did not pay much attention to it nor do I remember the password to that website 🙂 . While planning my trips, I always found myself googling extensively across multiple websites and forums to gather as much information as possible. All that to make sure that I don’t miss out on any good place or information. Having said that, I am more of a scenic destination person – trying to feel the place, its vibe, its beauty, breathtaking views, and having fun. To travel is freedom. Even photography had a part to play as I always yearned for perfect landscape pictures (I’m not really there).

The information that we need for planning a trip is scattered all around the Internet and surely it’s not always possible to have all info in a single blog or website, but I like to play my part by digging the net for even the minutest details which would help me conclude the budget for my trip, the route and even time my trip properly (timing is crucial in photography). This usually takes weeks to plan. And my plans and information that I gather are what I would like to share with the rest of the online world if they find it useful. Everybody has a different taste in the kind of places they travel to. So if you are like me who likes to travel to breathtaking places and have an experience, then My Heart on Travel is right for you. On this blog site, you will see posts for a destination that are penned down with the planning in mind (of course with a bit of information about the place), but it does not necessarily mean that I have been there. If I have been to a place, I will mark it with a ‘Been there done that’ tag.

And now it is 2020 and COVID-19 has kept me at home, so I started this site, which is eventually now my travel diary – from an Indian travel blogger !! 🙂 🙂


“ To Travel is to Live. To Travel is Freedom … "

Some more about me

IT Professional

Yes, full-time! This takes most of my time and keeps me busy! I don’t know when I will be able to fund my travel just through sponsorships and affiliate marketing, but for now, I decided to stick with this.

Part time photographer

Been at this for a while. Though I always loved clicking landscapes, I did not travel so much back then. I took to mastering the art of portrait photography for friends and that got me involved in keeping up with my creative self using minimalistic props while taking the photos. My Instagram handles are below:

Traveling and Exploring ! and a big Foodie!

Of course! No need to mention the first part without which you wouldn’t be reading this, haha! and yes, I want yummy food every day – especially spicy ones, and have a sweet tooth too!